The Star Micronics COVID-19 Solution Toolbox

Resources for Retail and Hospitality VARS and ISVs

Easy-to-Deploy Solutions for Today’s Challenges

Now more than ever, safety is a priority in retail and hospitality environments. Star Micronics is proud to offer a line of solutions and resources for businesses during this challenging time, designed to keep consumers and employees safe, as well as mitigate business impact caused by COVID-19.


Star Micronics’ solutions and resources are designed with the following markets in mind:

  • Online ordering/curbside pickup
  • Self-service kiosk
  • Healthcare
  • Cannabis

Tamper-Proof Labels

Secure labels and optional dispenser safely seal delivery, catering, and to-go orders.


A professional and adaptable sneeze and virus-protection guard designed for mPOS.

CloudPRNT for Online Ordering

Online ordering technology made easy through the mC-Print3, TSP654II, and TSP654SK.

In a world rife with natural disasters, recessions, and pandemics, restaurant owners must be flexible and agile enough to withstand uncertainty.

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