The Star Micronics Reopening Solution Toolbox

Resources for Retail and Hospitality VARS and ISVs

Easy-to-Deploy Solutions for the Reopening Market

Now more than ever, safety and convenience are priorities in retail and hospitality environments. As businesses reopen their doors, Star is proud to offer a line of solutions and resources designed to keep consumers and employees safe and satisfied.

Star Micronics’ solutions and resources are designed with the following markets in mind:

• Online ordering/curbside pickup
• Self-service kiosk
• Healthcare
• Cannabis

Antimicrobial covers*

The antimicrobial covers offered by Star are designed to cover high-touch surfaces to reduce the transfer of germs.


A professional and adaptable sneeze and virus-protection guard, with no countertop mounting or drilling required.

Tamper-Proof Labels

Secure labels and optional dispenser safely seal delivery, catering, and to-go orders.

CloudPRNT for Online Ordering

Online ordering technology made easy through the mC-Print3, TSP654II, and TSP654SK.


Thermal printing solution for repositionable, liner-free labels to be used for delivery, takeout, and kitchen orders.

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Disclaimer: NeverGerms® makes no claims regarding the safety or health of the general public or those interacting with its products. “NeverGerms®” and “Touch Less Germs®” are registered trademarks and not intended to have literal interpretation. NeverGerms products are manufactured by NeverGerms and distributed by Star Micronics. Although these products are designed to reduce microbe populations on commonly-utilized surfaces and have been tested by the manufacturer for their antimicrobial properties, Star Micronics cannot guarantee that they will eliminate all risk of germ, including virus, transfer from such surfaces. Star Micronics, as distributor, relies entirely upon claims made by manufacturer as supported by prior research. For further information, please visit


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