Leverage PromoPRNT with Star’s TSP100III:

Boost Customer Engagement and Increase Sales

All of Star Micronic’s TSP100 printers, including LAN and USB under Windows, are now available with PromoPRNT. PromoPRNT provides high impact advertising at no extra cost. Now, you can effortlessly create printed promotions on your POS receipts and automate your campaigns across one or multiple locations, boosting sales, retaining customers and maximizing the value of your TSP100 receipt printer.  PromoPRNT is being released under a beta test program and available to US residents only at this stage. For more information and to confirm eligibility please contact 848-216-3300 X 512 or email promoprnt@starmicronics.com.

With PromoPRNT, you will:

  • Create custom, eye-catching promotions that improve traffic and sales
  • Print offers on receipts and get them into customers’ hands to boost engagement and retention
  • Remotely schedule promotions across multiple locations

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